Week 4

Week 4: Violence, Trauma, And Women’s Health



  • Activity II (500-700 words) : It is time to start thinking about your specific health topic for your final post on Week Seven. The health topic should be related to women in some manner although you can present to me via email a health issue that afflicts men as long as you are able to tie it in to women’s health in some manner. So, for example, you could discuss the effects of pesticide exposure on male sterility as long as you can then tie it in with, for example, women’s reproductive issues.

    1. Set the context of your health topic with statistics and other sources. For this activity, I will only allow one news source and the rest (at least three) will need to be academic sources.
    2. Please explain why this is an important health issue to address from both a cultural standpoint and from a public health standpoint.

    For academic sources, you can use the MSU library’s electronic resources or you can use Google Scholar. If you cannot access an article from a site on Google Scholar, you can use MSU’s electronic databases to locate it in most instances. If you have problems with accessing a source, let me know.

  • Blog post: 700-900 words: Using your selected country and some statistics on violence against women there, answer the question below:

    Women’s experiences of violence across a variety of settings is an important part of their experiences of their bodies and health. How does reframing violence against women and trauma as health issues challenge or reinforce our understandings of health, illness, and medicine? How does intergenerational trauma challenge or reinforce biochemical, mechanical models of health?

    Use some of the readings from the previous weeks to help you answer this question. Especially consider the readings on biomedicine that you read in Week One

  • Blog comment: Comment on another class member’s blog post. Your comment can extend a classmate’s argument by adding to it (more evidence, another point of view, etc.) or respectfully challenge it. Aim for a comment that is between 150-200 words.