Week 6

Week 6: New Bodies, New Selves: Women’s Embodied Experiences of Culture




Female Genital Cutting:

Female genital plastic surgery:

**Optional, but recommended readings:


  • Week Six Activity (500-700 Words):
    For this activity, please read up on the concept of the “social determinants of health” and then identify and describe a social determinant of health that affect the people in the country you have selected suffering the health problem you wish to write about. Many of you have identified different determinants already in your activity writings, so I recommend going back over your old writings and identifying one of the more pertinent determinants to write about.
    I have provided three articles above to get you started. Use Google Scholar and the MSU Library’s Electronic Resources to findat least two more academic articlesas support on your chosen determinant.
  • Activity PDF 6.1: Social determinants of health inqualities (Marmot 2005)
  • Activity PDF 6.2: Political Determs of Hlth (Mackenbach 2014)
  • Activity PDF 6.3 Soc Determs of Hlth -the solid facts (WHO 2003)
  • Blog post: 700-900 words: Please think about the way culture impacts definitions of feminine beauty. How do these practices (Chinese footbinding, female genital cutting, and plastic surgery) FUNCTION in the societies where they are practiced, according to these readings and video? In other words, what are these practices connected to? If any of these practices were outlawed abruptly, what would happen to the lives of these women? In your blog post, please identify the theoretical perspectives of the authors and filmmaker.
  • Blog comment: Comment on another class member’s blog post. Aim for a comment that is between 150-200 words.