FAQS and Other Important Issues

Hi everyone,

Here are the outlines for blog posts:

Posts and comments are are graded pass/fail – if you meet all the criteria you get all 10 points, if not, you get a zero. You can assume you have full points for the post UNLESS:

  1. You did not do the post/comment
  2. Your post/comment was under the required word length
  3. You did not use the correct title structure for the post
  4. Your post/comment did not address the points/questions in the prompt
  5. You did not “publish” the post and only “saved it as a draft”
  6. You did not categorize the post correctly

1. There are going to be some people in the class with the same first name, so for ease of identifying who wrote what, please use this format: Act. 1.1 [Country name in this instance]–[your full name next]. Example: Act. 1.1 Senegal–Emily Riley
The same format should be used for Blog posts (WP 1 Biomedicine — Emily Riley) and comments (if you can’t put a title in your comment, then “sign” your comment. Any questions, comment below.

2. You can find the log in information for the videos on the D2L course site under “news” off to the right of the main frame.

3. In the “About” section of the blog, some new information about open access and creative commons has been added. I suggest you take time to read it so that you know how these themes affect what you post.

4. Post here in the blog if you have any issues regarding the course content or technical issues. Email is best used for emergencies or not being able to access the blog.

5. If you have taken an online class on the wordpress platform before, then you have a username and password. If you’ve forgotten your password or username, go to this link to try to solve the problem: https://en.support.wordpress.com/passwords/

Enjoy the week.

One thought on “FAQS and Other Important Issues

  1. Hi Emily, I was wondering if there was any way you could open up Week 5’s content this week as well? I will be out of the country next week and it wll be really hard for me to do all the readings and give a quality post in the amount of time I will be allowed on the internet in the airport. If not, I understand and I will try my best with the time I am alotted. Please let me know!
    -Gabby Wahla

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