W1- Biomedicine Experience

Biomedicine is a popular form of practice within the western society. As associated with any form of practice, a dominant American biomedicine system is associated with several positives and negatives. I have had the opportunity to experience this first hand when I witnessed the birth of my child. First, I would like to share that the feeling was unbelievable and it was an opportunity that I would not change for the world. It was a room filled with joy, happiness, laugher and ferocity. Being in my position I dealt with the incapability to help ease the pain of my child’s mother and also keep her in a positive mind set at the same time. The back and forth mood swings of childbirth and calmness in the room is what, set the mood. From the time we arrived we continued to play the waiting game, but the comfort the hospital facility brought made the time go by with ease. With the around the clock nurses and staff, the process was dealt with ease mobility, the family and myself had a understanding and knowledge of what her body would entail and what would happen if a certain situation came about. The advanced technology helped move along the process because it kept constant progress on the child and mother’s movement, heartbeat, and how far along the process was. Also with the clean, spacious, and sterile environment help create the mood of a homey feeling that improved the child berth. Together these factors helped shape my first hand experience with biomedicine in a positive light.

Contrary to the positives, there were several negatives associated with the experience. For example, there were at least three different shift changes. This made it difficult to build a close relationship between the expecting parents and the professional birthing staff. Although their main purpose was to help, with a time as delicate as this it felt as if strangers were constantly surrounded us. With the staff change, each incoming nurse and doctor had to ask the basic questions and grasp a feel and idea of how the mother and child were doing; In addition to becoming familiar with surrounding family. With the entail, I understand the delicateness of the situation, but surrounding family did not experience the life-altering event at the extent that we would have liked. The majority of their time was spent in a dull waiting room with very little amenities. The birth of a child is not just for the expecting. Therefore, family members such as parents, grandparents, and siblings should feel included in the birthing process as well.

As a result I was pleased with my first had experience with an American dominated medical system. With the birth of my only child, I was provided with advanced technology that dominated the uncertainty that the family and I were concerned about. Overall we shared a welcoming experience with the professional staff. During any life event there are positive and negative factors that work together to help shape the lives of others.

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