WP 1 Biomedicine – Taylor Dabish

Hello Everyone,

The most interesting first hand experience with biomedicine that I have encountered is a time that my mom was hospitalized for nearly a month. It was pretty much a medical nightmare, to say the least.

My mom was working out at the gym doing her normal routine on the abdominal decline bench. While proceeding to do her workout she twisted her body which led to a loud pop. This pop led to immediate swelling and pain. Shortly after an EMS truck arrived and she paid the emergency room a visit. They looked at her individually and promptly, pushing her through the long waiting room line. After some x-rays and an MRI it was a confirmed ACL complete tear. A few weeks later my mom managed to tear her other ACL and Meniscus while walking on ice. After another hospital visit, surgery was scheduled one leg at a time.

Weeks later she was ready to have surgery on her left ACL. The doctors checked up on her and proceeded to do physical therapy for the next few weeks. Although the doctors did a great job repairing her, she happened to run into yet another problem. Her leg became discolored and was extremely swollen due to a large blood clot. This blood clot was then found to be caused by an anatomical disorder, May-Thurner Syndrome.

The doctors were baffled and had never seen anything like this rare syndrome. They hospitalized her for a consecutive 30 days and mandated her to be bedridden. My family and I made the hospital our new home for that month. Watching how hard the doctors and nurses worked was just amazing. They all did a thorough job when they were taking care of her.

The biggest problem we encountered with the system was that the doctors and nurses did not make themselves very available. They only came when they had to, not by her request. The nurses were always there to do their job, dispensing medicine. The doctors also did theirs, check-ups and making sure she was doing better. But when she needed them the most, they just weren’t available. The nurses were so understaffed and overworked and the doctors just weren’t there as much as she wished.

When my mom was finally healed from the surgeries she underwent, she was able to get her other ACL fixed and things went much smoother. As the American Biomedical System always does, they sent her home with a lot of painkillers and other medicines. Till this day she is still on blood thinners and many other precautionary medicines. The problem that I have is that they sent her home on so many painkillers that it was hard for her to ween off of them. Between the morphine they gave her at the hospital and the painkillers they sent her home with, her liver had to have been badly affected.

The American Biomedical System definitely has its pros and cons. I am grateful that it managed to heal my mother, but I know that it has a long way to come. I believe that we over medicate and people are truly becoming immune to many medications. I know that the future for American medicine will be even better and I cannot wait to see the progress.



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