WP 3.2 Life Cycle Events – Gabby Wahla



The first link is the photo I have chosen from the clip in the second link. The clip is a CNN video about how many mothers are uninsured, so they are unable to get the proper biomedical care that is expected in modern American society. This goes to show just how expensive American medical care is, and how we are brainwashed to blindly accept the costs. 40.2% of new mothers are unmarried at the time of birth, which would make getting insurance for a new baby much more difficult. The American standard is to seek out medical professional help with every single thing for our bodies, especially pregnancy and birth. With this expectation, how is a single mom not under the impression that she must see a doctor? If she doesn’t have insurance, her life gets a great deal more stressful, which is then in turn bad for her health and the baby’s.

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