Act. 7.1 Class Review – Ashlyn Sovereen

I particularly enjoyed taking this Women’s Health course here at Michigan State University.  I feel that I have learned a lot, which is unusual for an online course.  I wish there had been the opportunity for class discussion, as this is pertinent to any anthropology course, but this is also difficult with an online course.  In the future, maybe this could be simulated through a class video chat session?  It also would have been helpful to have a textbook of some kind.  I have never been a fan of reading articles on the computer and have always preferred reading in a textbook.  I took Culture, Health, and Illness this past spring, and we had a textbook with articles from researchers and their first hand experiences out in the field.

I have learned a lot about other cultures and their views on women’s health, throughout the world, especially with my topic country for the summer, Bolivia.  I am very happy that I chose Bolivia as my topic country as the country is one of the most interesting Latin American countries.  The Latin culture has always interested me, especially after taking Spanish for five years.  Learning about the health status of its citizens, especially with women, opened my eyes to the world around me more.  I hope to one day volunteer there once I become an obstetrician/gynecologist to help bring about a life change in the Bolivian people.

I enjoyed the activity posts and blog comments.  It was interesting to make a post each week about our chosen country and then to read other posts from the class and to comment on them.  IT is always interesting to see how other people think differently about similar things.

Overall, I enjoyed this class and am happy that I chose to take it this summer.

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