Act 7.1 Women and Disease – Gabby Wahla

Overall, I think I learned a great deal from this class. I found it very interesting to have chosen a country to focus on and relate topics to, because I was able to learn more about it than I had expected.I enjoyed the blogging format where we had to post and have other students respond to, especially when we were able to tell personal stories related to the topics. I learned a great deal about how different my life as a middle class female in the United States is from other women across the globe. I learned about beauty standards and how the patriarchy has created them and tricked many women in to thinking they are necessary for survival. I think the most important thing I learned was that just because I as a woman in the United States seem very different from women elsewhere in the world, we are still very similar in that we have the same bodily functions and we are plagued by a patriarchal society full of beauty standards and expectations. One thing I would ask to change for the future courses would be to allow content to be opened in advance for students who request it. I had hoped to get all my work done flawlessly for the semester, but because the content was not opened early for me as requested, I was unable to do my work around my time abroad. However, the course was structured very well with very interesting and thought provoking topics, as well as a more broad knowledge leaving the course. I will definitely recommend this course to friends!

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