Act 7.1 Overview of ANP 270 – Juwon Park

Through the duration of this class, I learned a lot about the different medical systems and perspectives that can be taken in terms of looking at a specific health concern. I also learned a lot about the culture of India through many different perspectives, especially the feminine perspective. I realized that there were so many different health concerns and cultural aspects that are distinct for each individual country. I got to learn some really interesting health concerns from other countries, like Nigeria, and other health issues from India that the other students had researched. I really enjoyed the readings and videos that were posted as well. Specifically, I enjoyed the documentary, “The Vanishing Oath” from week one. While it wasn’t exactly what I had imagined the life of this career path would be like, it really helped me realize that proper patient care and relationships are not being established anymore, and that it is really affecting the amount of trust a patient has in the physician. This did not negatively affect my decision to keep moving forward with my career goals, but only encouraged me to think about working to establish trusting relationships with my future patients one day.

For future classes, it would be really nice to have the assignments at least two weeks in advance and a set schedule with all the assignments and topics on it. I really found it hard to juggle my time when it opened for only five days before having to post, read, and watch all the required learning material.

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