Act. 7.1 Women’s Health Taylor Dabish

It has been a pleasure taking this class. I have learned more than I thought I could during the past six weeks. At first I was nervous to pick a country that I did not know much about but later realized that this class would allow me to relate new and different topics to it. I also really enjoyed learning about the different perspectives from other women beside myself. I found it especially interesting how so many women around the world are trying to please others. I always thought that it was just women in the United States who were changing their appearance for others. In reality all different cultures define beauty differently and women are always trying to meet those different expectations. Overall I really liked how this class was run. I enjoyed communicating via blog with everyone in the class. I also found it very interesting reading everyone else’s blogs. One thing that I would have liked better would be if all the weeks were open so we could see what was due in advance. I’m the type of person who likes to see what’s coming and get a head start. Therefore, If I could have seen what was to come I would have liked to get ahead to work around my schedule better. Other than that, this online course ran very smoothly and I have learned a lot that I will take with me in my future career as a nurse practitioner. This course should be required for people who are getting into the medical field. I believe it gives people insight into different cultures, which will be useful in the future of health care providers.

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