Week 7, Activity

During the beginning of the course, I was hesitant to understand the information and embrace the underlying details of my country, instead, I just read the information. Being able to reflect back on things I have learned more in this course than my previous courses with similar topics. With the course regiment, I had to grasp the idea of my countries culture and understand the hardships and lack of resources the female population dealt with on a daily base. I truly enjoyed the class, being that this is my last class that was required to fulfill degree requirements, the topics help prescribe an understanding of the social culture of women in different countries. The different ideological stances that my classmates took helped myself focus on the society views as well as different class status views. The course schedule was arranged for us (classmates) to take a look at the different social issues of women discrepancy in the world, but mainly the inequality that lacks in our system. I believed that women do change they physical features to please a partner or society, but I did not know that women changed the way their genital area was preceded. I understand that women will change their outer appearance such as the breast, nose, cheeks, etc., but I never knew women went as far as changing the way the vagina viewed. Some of the things that I felt that could have been done better was communication dealing with grades. I understand that it was stated that our grades will not be uploaded weekly, but as it became closer to the end of the course, I felt as though more grades should have been entered. The overall course and professor were great, there were not any issues with the topics or responses. I truly enjoyed the class from the workload to the topics and the requirements will recommend to others in the future.

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