Final Grades Released on D2L


Dear Class,

I have finished grading all the assignments. Please take a moment now to go to D2L to check that you have credit for all the assignments you completed on time and correctly. Email me ASAP if there is a concern so I can look into it. You have until this Sunday 8/19/18 at noon to email me with any disputes. If I do not have an email from you in my inbox at this time, this is an indication that you have no dispute with your final grade and I will go ahead and report these grades to the Registrar.

Thank you for all your thoughtful, hard work! I was really impressed by this class. The vast majority of you really put your minds and hearts into your learning. I hope you will take something with you as you move forward.

I have noted your suggestions for future versions of this class. The most common were:

  • an active/applied learning component
  • grace period on late posts
  • clearer instructions for post requirements
  • make each activity post about the final project
  • clearer instructions for using WordPress
  • more direction on how to choose a country
  • more examples/explanation of the theoretical perspectives

Thank you for your helpful suggestions.

Have a great rest of your summer!



Final Week Reminders: Earlier deadlines!!


Hi class. I want to highlight some very important reminders for the last week of class. As you know by now, usually the posts are due by Friday and the comments are due by Sunday. However, since the class comes to an end on a Thursday (Aug 16), the last week of deadlines are pushed back earlier. Here are the deadlines for week 7:

Weekly Activity Post 7-  Due Tuesday August 14

Weekly Blog Post 7-  Due Tuesday August 14

Weekly Comment 7- Due Thursday August 16

Final Project Blog Post- Due Thursday August 16


All above deadlines are by 11:59 pm EST. I have not accepted any late work thus far and will not do so for the final week. Make sure you do not get confused and expect to follow the normal deadlines of F/Sun because you’ll be posting after the class is over!

Lastly, you will need to go in and fill out the SIRS (course review) form. You can opt out of doing the form but you cannot ignore this or you will not be able to see your final grades for a while. You can access the form here:

I MUST turn final grades in by Sunday, August 19. So you have until Sunday August 19 at 12:00 pm/noon to dispute any grade item I may have missed. So be sure to check your final grade and individually verify each assignment and make sure I did not overlook any that you did correctly and on time.

Good luck with your final week and I am really looking forward to reading your final projects. Thank you for a fruitful summer session course- it went by quick but I feel we all dug in to the materials and learned a lot.

Please feel free to email me with any questions about your final project or anything else.


Serena Williams: an example of the intersection of gender and race

**extra credit opportunity**


Serena Williams holds her newborn baby

Serena Williams / Instagram

Many of you probably heard about Serena Williams’s ordeal in the hospital when she gave birth to her daughter Alexis. Clinicians did not take her concerns of a blood clot seriously even though she was an “expert patient” having dealt with many blood clots in her life. If she hadn’t spoken up and demanded appropriate care even after being denied, she may have died. What are the factors that contributed to this situation when viewed at through a lens of intersectionality? What does this say about how our society in general and many people in biomedicine view black women? Where does class come into play and how might this have turned out differently for a lower class black woman or a white woman? What does the author suggest is a solution to this deeply embedded racist problem in our country’s medical system? Please read this article and answer the 4 preceding questions at the bottom of your blog post this week or next week for 15 points of extra credit. You must refer to materials from Week 5. Please create a new section at the bottom of your W5 or W6 blog post entitled Serena Williams Extra Credit. No extra credit responses will be accepted after W6 is due on August 12.

Interesting Forbes article about women and health


I came across this article in Forbes entitled “How Self-Care And Women’s Health Are Shaping The Cannabis Industry.” You can find the quick read here.

How does the article frame women’s health behaviors as gendered behaviors? What does looking to cannabis as an alternative or natural medicine say about this group of women and their relationship to mainstream biomedicine? Do men have the same attraction to self-care and wellness? Why or why not?

A woman stands on a street corner wearing a sweatshirt with an image of a marijuana leaf

(Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images)


Assignment Advice


Hello class, we are off to a great start and I’ve been enjoying learning about all of you. I have finished grading for Week 1 (I have not yet gotten to the introduction bonus post) and I want to point out some trends that are getting some of you points docked on your assignments.

1. Please check your D2L gradebook. Under each grade item, check to see if I have left you “feedback” on your score. I don’t leave feedback for everyone every time, but I will especially if there are areas for improvement. If you check this you can avoid making the same mistakes next time. Also, check your D2L every 1-2 weeks to make sure I have seen and given you credit for your assignments.

2. The assignment that needs the most improvement in the coming weeks is the Weekly Comments. These comments are not meant to be chatty or just for fun. They are another way that I can see if you are engaging with the material and learning. Comments must:

  • Be at least 150 words. If you have 2-3 sentences of fluff, filler, or greetings and closings, they are nice but I will not count them toward your minimum word count. Likewise long block quotes from other sources should be supplemented with your own words. If you see that you have these, aim for a comment that is closer to 200+ words just to be safe.
  • Contain the following: questions, another point of view, evidence from outside sources, insights from the weekly readings. Your comment should contain 3-4 of these elements if you want full credit. Follow the specific comment prompt for the week for more details.

3. Cite your sources! This should not have to be said in a university course. Whenever you write something that did not come from your own brain, you must cite it. This goes for classes and life outside of school. Be honest and allow people to verify your claims via the original source. The source should be cited in the sentence which you used the idea AND in full at the bottom of the page.

4. Quite a few students lost points on the Blog Post and Activity Post for not following the prompt carefully. For example, the prompt wanted both positive and negative aspects of your medical encounter. Some of you only included one or the other. Follow directions very well. Perhaps use the prompt as a checklist before you publish. That is what I use as a rubric when I grade.

5. Your post TITLE needs to say what week it is and which kind of post it is- activity or blog. You must ALSO categorize it with the appropriate category. This means you have to un-click “uncategorized” and then click the appropriate category for the week and type of post.

6. PLEASE make sure your display name includes your first and last name. This will help me with grading and help ensure you get credit for your work. Go to the upper right hand corner of your dashboard, click edit my profile, scroll down to “display name publicly as” and make sure I can see your first and last name, then go down to the bottom and click update profile. Otherwise you might not get credit for your post if I can’t figure out who wrote it.

That’s it for now and feel free to email me if you have any questions about the material or suggestions for future editions of this class.





Hello and welcome to ANP 270: Women and Health!

My name is Sabrina Perlman. I will be your instructor for this online course. Here are some important announcements about this course:

The majority of this course (all announcements, content, and assignments) will be hosted on WordPress. The URL for our course WordPress site is: will need to log in to this website daily to keep up with announcements and assignments. We will only being using D2L for grading purposes. During the semester, you will only need to log in to D2L to access your grades.

You should have received an invitation in your MSU email granting you access to the WordPress site. If you have not received this email, please email me immediately so I can get you the invitation. Check your junk mail folder just in case. The invitation will expire after 48 hours, so if this happens, send us an email and we will re-send it. You must get your account set up before the course starts.

Please take time to orient yourself with the course website. Read the information under the “About the Class,” “Assignments and Grading,” “Schedule,” “Contact,” and “Questions” tabs. This information takes the place of a traditional syllabus and will tell you everything you need to know about expectations for this course and how the course is structured.

Under the “Schedule” tab, please take a look at the “Pre-Week 1” materials and watch the following tutorials so you know how to login and change your password.
Logging in:
Posting and Commenting:

These and other course videos require a DIFFERENT password than your personal WordPress login information. The video password is the same for everyone in the class and can be found on the Announcements page on D2L.  Please do not post this password on WordPress, because this will make the password available to the public. If anyone asks you for the video password, please send it via an email or direct them to the D2L Announcements for this course.

I am looking forward to getting to know each of you and thinking together as a class. Have a great semester.