About ANP 270

ANP 270: Women and Health introduces students to how gender intersects with cultural models of medicine, sickness, health, and the human body across the world. The western medical model (biomedicine) will be placed alongside other models as one of many, but also examined from a critical and a feminist perspective. The course will look at the ways that the political, social, cultural and economic lives of women and girls are shaped by medical structures, practices, and beliefs. The course will  ask: How are girls’ and women’s lives being constructed by and how are girls and women contributing to local and global medical systems? Who has authoritative medical knowledge and what are the consequences for those people who do not?

Students can take this course online from anywhere in the world and make progress towards their degree. All that students need is a computer, a modern browser, and a broadband internet connection. None of the anthropology online classes have an on-campus component or require that students purchase expensive textbooks.