Introductory Post

Hi I’m Jessica, but most people call me Jess. This fall I will be a junior Human Bio/Premed major with a minor in Bioethics through Lyman Briggs. I’m from DeWitt, Michigan which is about a 10-20 minute drive from EL.  Outside of school I like to go to the beach or read a good book, but I spend most of my time watching murder mystery’s/documentaries on Netflix (Making a Murderer has so far been my favorite). Additionally, I like to garden and although I currently don’t have one since I live in an apartment, I’m hoping that in the coming years I can get a place with a small plot of land so I can have fresh fruit and vegetables for cooking. A fun fact about me is that I raised ducks in high school. I would like to learn more about medical anthropology; most of the classes I take are hard sciences and maths and I enjoy philosophy and anthropology classes so I’m looking forward to the content and discussion of the material this semester.

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