Introductory Blog Post

Hello everyone! My name is Diamond Bomar and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am finally entering into my fourth year at Michigan State University. My major is Medical Laboratory Science and my minor is bioethics, which bought me to this class. Outside of school I mainly like to sleep, listen to music, and watch Netflix, nothing too exciting. A fun fact about myself is that a few days ago I returned from a study abroad trip to Malawi, Africa studying infectious disease and I cannot wait for my next international trip in December hopefully! I’m not exactly sure about what I expect to learn from this class, but generally I want to know more about healthcare for women in other countries and how it compares to what we see in America. If it were possible I would also like to learn about why women’s health seems to not be taken as seriously in America as men, but there is probably no simple answer to that. While I am not much of a writer, I am excited to take this class and learn more about healthcare in other settings.

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