Week 1 Blog Post

Everyone has had an experience that has made them form a particular opinion about the medical system. A first hand medical event that I have experienced is when I become very sick when I was young. One night I started getting very light headed  followed by a high fever. I thought it was just a cold and went to bed in hopes that I would be better by the morning. However, this was not the case. The next morning, I woke up with red bumps all over my body along with the other symptoms from night before. My fever become worse as the day went on and my throat became sore. My mom decided to take me to an urgent care to see what could possibly be going on.

We decided to go to an urgent care that was not too far from our house. The only problem was that the center closed earlier that day so we came in about an hour and a half before it closed. We had to wait a while for help, even though there were not a lot of patients in the place. When we finally got to be seen by a doctor, the doctor concluded there wasn’t anything wrong with me and suggested it was probably strep or something. My mom persisted that he run more test and he agreed, although he also displayed at the same time to be slightly irritated. When the test came back, he found that there had been a lot of protein present in my urine, indicating that there may have been an issue with my kidneys. That is when he recommended that we see a specialist. This visit was the start of many visits back and forth from different specialist at different hospitals.

This went on for about 4 weeks. I felt very weak, had fevers on and off, red bumps all over my body, and found it hard to eat anything along with other symptoms. My mom and I went from doctor to doctor and hospital to hospital trying to figure out exactly what was wrong. Each one told us something a little different and sent us on our way. My last visit was the one where we decided that we would finally just wait and see what happens. I eventually got better. Most of the doctors concluded that I either had a rare case of chicken pox or mono.

Throughout this whole experience there were both positive and negative aspects. Some of the negative ones was having to travel and see different physicians at different hospitals in different locations. Another issue was not getting to know the doctors well. I believe the relationship with the doctor and patient is very important and throughout this experience I did not get to have that. Some of the doctors did not take time to try and figure out what was wrong and most would just send us on our way without doing much. One of the positive aspects was that there were physicians available to help, and the ones who did were concerned. This experience allowed me to see both the positive and the negative aspects of the medical system.

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