Week 1 Blog Post

I have two bizarre experience regarding my body and health as my first hand medical experience.

First, I am a very hygienic person. I love keeping my things organized and clean the house every day. I first discovered that I have weak antibody when I was thirteen years old. I stayed in a dormitory high school at that time and there is one moment where both of my dormmates were sick. I decided to take care of them after I done with my classes. However, the next day, I caught the same flu as them. This incident happened many times in a year. Even when I was exposed to the rain, I would catch a flu immediately. My school warden was very worried and took me to a hospital for a medical checkup. The doctor said that I have a very weak antibody as if I stay near them or touch them for a second, it is super easy for me to be sick. The bacteria and viruses being spread into my body a little faster than anyone else.

This weakness bothers me a lot since I cannot take care of my family and friends when they are sick. As it has been eight years since I know about this, I have been ignoring the fact that I have to stay away from sick people. Sometime, I unconsciously helped my sick friend and ignored the virus that I got. I tried to continue my daily routine as usual without showing to people that I was sick. In my opinion, the positive aspect of staying away from sick people is good because I can protect my antibody from suffering any viruses. However, the negative aspect is I cannot run away from sick people forever. That is really irresponsible. I have to stay by their sides whenever they need to and I have to fight myself from being very weak. My self-diagnosis keeps saying that I have to let my antibodies adapt with the viruses so that they can fight them and immune themselves from the viruses. I can see a little bit progress nowadays where I am not that easy to fall sick.

Second, I was eighteen years old at that time when I realized that every time after I consumed any chocolate-based food and drinks, I will suffer a stomachache. I love chocolates and I believe that everyone else love chocolates. I never become aware of the fact that I will get a stomachache if I consume chocolate-based meal before this. However, when I was eighteen, I was accepted into a college and lived away from my family since I graduated from high school. I had to be independent and took care of my own meal and money expenses.

I realized at that moment, I spent most of my money on chocolates and chocolate-based drinks. That was the moment where I always went to the restroom after eating or drinking them and my stomach will hurt very much. I did not go the hospital since I tried to save my money, yet I asked my medical-student friend who was my roommate. She identified that I might be a “cocoa-intolerant” as I reacted just like lactose-intolerant person after consuming chocolates. I maybe did not realize it before because I was in dormitory school, and the dining hall never served anything “chocolaty” to students. It makes sense. Nevertheless, I always let myself consume them except when my stomach really hurts so much. I know, I have to meet a doctor in order to know more – I will, soon.

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