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A medical event that I have encountered is osteoporosis with elderly citizens. This has first hand had an effect in my life because my grandma is currently going through this and has lost the ability to walk and has no mobility from everything under from hips. Many older people have been having this problem were their bones start to become weak and break or even go away. This usually happens in their hops or knees. Mostly joints that are needed to walk. I first learned about this in my epidemiology class and then my grandma got diagnosed with osteoporosis.

The negative thing about this is that osteoporosis is actually an epidemic right now and many people do not even realize it. Everyone is affected by it, and mostly women. One in three women will get osteoporosis in their lifetime. And every one in five men will experience it as well. Having osteoporosis leads to a lot more problems fo the elderly due yo lack of mobility and being able to actually take care of themselves without relying on other people.

The positive thing about this is that the medical field is trying their hardest to come up with ways to get primary prevention by educating the younger people on what it is and what to do to make sure that they do not get it in the future. The secondary prevention that they have come up with is by making sure the people that are at a higher risk of getting it eat and drink more calcium to help make their bones stronger and to also work out their joints. The tertiary prevention that the medical field has come up with has to do with making the lives of the people that have osteoporosis a little easier. They have come up with surges that can replace their bones, like hip replacement surgery and and knee replacement surgery. That does not solve their problems completely because they will still not be at where they were when they had good bones, but it will help them with moving around and being more mobile.

My grandma getting the disease helped me wake up and realize that this can happen to anyone and you might even known them. We need to be more educated on what needs to be done so we do not have this happen to us as well.

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  1. Wow this is a very interesting medical experience. I did not know that women are mostly affected with osteoporosis, that is very good to know. I think it is good that the medical field is doing more to inform people about this. I know a lot of medical evidence has shown that as you get older, your body is more than likely to become weaker but I think it is important that more people become informed, especially younger people and their parents. Hopefully this helps individuals make decisions now that will be helpful in the future. I am glad that your medical experience has allowed you to become more informed on this subject. Like you mentioned in your post, it is important for more people to be educated on this matter and I am glad that your medical experience has helped you realize this. I hope your grandma is doing well and thanks for sharing your experience!

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