Introductory Blog

Hello everyone! My name is Bryanna Brown. This is my last class at Michigan State. I am graduating from the school of social science with a degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in health and society cognate in psychology, a minor in bioethics, and a minor in health promotion. I am originally from East Lansing but this week I moved to Houston, Texas with my boyfriend and our dog, Pablo. I work at Lululemon and run my own online personal training business. In my free time I love to workout, cook, read (now by our new pool!), and take Pablo to the park. It will be our first week here on Monday so I’ve been enjoying exploring the city. An interesting fact about me: I am a nationally qualified body builder in the bikini division. I am hoping to learn more about women as health care professional and the trials they may face in addition to how women (as patients) in our country are treated within our health care system.

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