Langston Extra Credit Introductory

Hello everyone. My name is Whitney Leigh Langston. I am a senior here at MSU studying Anthropology. I am specifically interested in the forensic side of Anthropology. I am from a small country town called Parma, MI (it is over by Jackson, MI). After I graduate from MSU, I plan on working at a funeral home and volunteering for a few years and then I plan on going to school to be a forensic pathologist assistant. Some things I like to do outside of school is listen to music (I love hip hop and rap), watch movies, go shopping ( I have a shopping addiction), cook, get tattoos, do make up (one of my jobs is that I am a beauty advisor at the Ulta Beauty in Frandor) and hang out with my beautiful girlfriend Nicole and our cat Performix. Something interesting about myself is I was part of the 2016 Forensic Anthropology and Human Identification Study Abroad here at MSU. We went to London for a month and it was out of this world amazing. Another interesting thing about me is I have 14 tattoo and counting (I call them my “collectables”). I hope to learn about effective medicine in other cultures and see how we as Americans can integrate that into our medical system.

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