Introductory Post

Hello everyone, my name is Tapia Miah. I am currently a junior at MSU. My major is in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in health and society. I am from Detroit, Michigan. Something I like to do outside of school is go traveling and see as many new places as I can. A fun fact about me is that I am good at remembering names if someone tells me face-to-face. One thing I hope to learn about in this class would be about the women that have helped pioneer the field of anthropology and the impact that they have made. Even though at first this field was probably male-dominated, I know that there were several women that helped open a lot more doors for this field. Another thing I would like to learn about is forensic anthropology because I have always been interested in that field and want to see all the different ways it can relate to anthropology. I am excited to learn as much as possible and am looking forward to this class!

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