Introductory Extra Credit

Hi everyone!

My name is Cassandra Morse and I am a senior studying Nutritional Sciences with a concentration in Global Nutrition and Health. I also have minors in Food Science and Technology along with Health Promotion. 

Upon graduating I hope to find a job that incorporates both my major and minors and work for an organization to work on preventing hunger globally. 

I am from Grosse Pointe Farms, MI although I was born in Australia and became a citizen of the United States two years ago. My parents and I are the only ones from our extended family that has moved to the United States. 

Something interesting about me is that I was a competitive swimmer in high school and swam for Michigan State for both my freshman and sophomore years.

In the class I hope to learn about the different perspectives of women and the ways in which the lives of women have been shaped, particularly through a healthcare aspect.

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