W2 Activity Post – Argentina

Women and girls are treated unfairly in Argentina. Women are subjugated and hurt. In Argentina it is unfortunately known that women are not being treated equal to men nor are they being respected as human beings. The inequality is not unexpected knowing that it is a third world country however it is often seen that the Argentine population struggles to respect women as human individuals with human rights. Not all of the Argentine population but enough to cause large protests, movements, fear, and global assistance. The world justice project has made large advancements to help Argentina in both legal promotion and community awareness toward protecting women. They have strategies many different programs including women’s/human rights organizations and NGOs. Also including a partnership with judiciary personnel devoted to achieve gender equality and stop violence against women.

The two largest issues against women and girls is noted to be violence against women and access to legal abortions. However, according to the World Justice Project, more specifically the work toward justice in Argentina is stated that the legislation is not effective. Here the power of society plays a large role. For example, due to the startling number of women who died from gender-based violence in 2012 the Women’s Comprehensive Protection Law was passed to increase the maximum sentence to life in prison for what is categorized as femicide as aggravated homicide. Which in theory should have a crippling effect on the populations behavior. But, according to the US supreme court, in 2016 there were 254 femicides in Argentina. Which leads to believe the legislation in place is not stopping the violence nor saving lives.

Another troubling aspect is the more disadvantaged of a woman you are the more likely you are to become a victim of abuse or violence such as women in rural population as stated by Gender Equality in Argentina by the University of Gothenburg.

Women in Argentina are trying to be controlled, however the women are strong and are fighting back. There is many protests and constant campaigning for the women in Argentina. There is a lot of controversy as being the Homeland of Pope Francis to legalize abortion. Which is a very current a relevant issue as many indexes and statistics show women are suffering from health complications due to pregnancy and being hurt by the current abortion laws. They have a right to make a choice with their bodies they are fighting for what they believe in but since is a very devote Catholic country they are not only fighting the government and fellow citizens they are fighting the ridicule of surrounding counties and others across the globe. If this had not been for the tie to Pope Francis it may not have received this much attention. Although he is not doing anything to prevent these women from obtaining their rights, it is just the weight of his name that is being used to shame them. But despite all the negative backlash it is very possible that lawmakers will induct a legal abortion for women before 14 weeks of pregnancy. A law maker in Buenos Aires told the NY times that“Fighting against femicides led us to fight against all forms of violence against women — and not letting us decide over our bodies is a form of violence.”

This is a great display of the power of protest, with a current Argentine President that opposes abortion.






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