Week 1 Extra Credit Introductory Blog


I’m Emerald Horton. I was born in Detroit, moved to Belleville, Michigan when I was 2 years old and been here ever since.  Attending MSU has always been a goal of mine, so I didn’t apply anywhere else. My dad was my inspiration since he also gradated from MSU. I’m going into my 4th year this fall with a major in B.S in Psychology minor in Biothethics and Leadership of Organizations. Outside of school, I’m involved in the Intercultural Aide program that assists freshmen and transfer students in transitioning on campus and spread awareness about social, environmental, political and cultural issues. I also watch Netflix quite often, and spend time with my family. Its only week two and I’m already learning alot. I hope to get knowledge about the systems that work with and against women, get insight about why things are they way they are and how to combat gender inequality and improve the health of women worldwide. I’m enjoying learning about different cultural perspectives and hope to learn more. Outside perspectives and practices aren’t often thought of or taught about so I’m eager to know more. Fun fact, my dad’s first name is Green, hence the name Emerald(:

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