Week 1 Introductory Post Extra Credit

Hello class, my name is Megen Wiltse. I am a senior studying a major in Neuroscience along with a minor in Bioethics. My hometown is two and a half hours north-east of East Lansing, in a small town named  Lupton. The closest town that is larger in size and more well known to the public is West Branch. I graduated from a small high school with a class of 120 students. I grew up in the country on a lake so outside of school I enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, swimming, hunting, fishing, boating and ORV riding. A little fun fact about myself is that I attended secondary school in Germany for a year while I was in high school. During that time, I was able to travel all over Europe which was a lot of fun. This course interested me with all the news coverage on the Women’s March. I would like to learn more on this topic and the events surrounding it.

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