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Marriage is a transition in life

   I personally think that in our country, people have four important rituals of transition in their lives. The first birth is the first important turning point in life. This is decreed by fate. There is no way to change it, so you should not care about this ritual of transition. Although the family and the growing environment of birth will have a great impact on our future development, we can grasp other transitions to change our destiny and future family. Secondly, going to school is an important transition in life. Some people choose to give up this transition and start to work outside. Some people succeed and soon have a wealth status. Especially in the college entrance examination, this is the most important transition for every student. If you are admitted to the university, you can meet more different people during the university. The connections you make at this time are also the connections you can use when you struggle in the future. This is related to your future career and family. Thirdly, choosing which industry to join to develop is also an important transition in life. When choosing an industry to work in, be sure to know what you want, not just muddle along. Your choice of work is a turning point in your life. The last is marriage. Once a person gets married, it is an important turning point for you and your family, so marriage is a transition in life. A good marriage is important to your wellbeing and also the data is clear that long-term, monogamous, loving relationships between parents are very good for children. And we create a loose existing environment for the children to bloom with health, in order to prevent the appearing of deeper social problems.

The first two transitions, I have personally experienced. The final transition, marriage, although I have not personally experienced, I attended a friend’s wedding last year. So take the example of a friend’s wedding. In November last year, I attended a friend’s wedding, which is very close to the bride and groom. I saw a glimpse of forever in a loving couple’s firm eyes and restless soul. They showed”You are not self-indulgent, he is not kidding”, I feel that they are beginning to have a sense of security and happiness. One of my friends did not go to their marriage. So I send her some wedding photographer and videos. One of the photos was “Love someone is looking at you from the eyes”. I believe she also saw the details of this love after marriage. I remember reading an article in the past. In the early years, there were such a group of psychologists who collected blood samples from the bride and groom and all the guests at the wedding. They found that during the wedding, each participant’s oxytocin The prime has changed. (Oxytocin is called love hormone or hug hormone. It is scientifically proven that oxytocin is an important condition for determining love loyalty and marital persistence. Hug, caress, and kiss between partners can promote the release of the hormone. ) I looking back at that moment, I think the sense of marriage ritual will give us more sense of security and happiness both physically and psychologically, whether at the level of love or at the level of other broad sense of love.

I believe that explicit and implicit information will definitely affect the university experience of many students. Because I have been receiving Chinese education since I was a child, my thoughts are conservative in bringing society now. China’s compulsory education is relatively strict. Because of the population growth, students can only study hard, surpass others, and get a good job in college. I am fortunate. My parents have economic conditions to send me to study abroad. Compared with domestic students, high school is not very hard. After going abroad, I remember that in my freshman year, I met many friends. Boys and girls often chatting in my dormitory. Perhaps the first year of studying abroad, everyone has a different educational environment.  In my circle of friends, my friends advocate equality between men and women. International students are full of curiosity about the foreign environment and are still learning about American culture.

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  1. Hi!

    I believe your claim about marriage is a huge rite of passage. I wonder if you think its a rite of passage expected by both males and females? In my experience, the older females get the more pressured they are to marry and start a family. Biologically I know it gets more difficult to conceive a healthy baby at 35+. Fertility rates rapidly decrease. I know some girls who feel pressured at 22 who don’t have long term partners. Menopause is big reason for that. Anthropologists believe the reason that postreproductive aging evolved in humans is to to prevent the ovulation and fertilization of abnormal egg cells (Sievert, 2014) . They even studied moneys but were unsuccessful in researching their menopause. Society in the US has a way of influencing young women about how to treat their bodies and how to treat men, like the whole stigma around menstruation. Is marriage considered an important rite of passage in China as well? I hope your friend does have a long and happy marriage!

    Sievert, L. L. (2014). Anthropology and the study of menopause: evolutionary, developmental, and comparative perspectives. Menopause, 21(10), 1151-1159.

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