Week 4 Activity Post

One thing I have previously talked about adamantly was how women are treated in Brazil. They are usually mistreated, given less opportunities, and always seem to be judged for things that they should not be. In Brazil, their own president talked down on women by saying that they should be housewives instead of trying anything else. That just goes to show what kind of respect women in Brazil have. Medical care in Brazil was not always as good as it is now. There were less means of getting the treatment you needed and more health problems that were life-threthening. Brazil has come a long way from before, but one thing that is still a crisis in that country is maternal health. Maternal health has to do with how women are being provided health care in general and during birth. The morbidity and mortality statistics in the country are enormously high for women. Brazil is trying to improve health care that is provided to women, but many of the same problems are still there. During birth, more than fifty percent of the women have c-sections and with c-sections there are always some complications that can happen with the mother. Health providers are not taking the right means of making sure that the mother and baby are safe. The treatment you are provided has to do with how much money you have, your socioeconomic status, and your race. Brazil has five to ten times higher maternal deaths compared to other countries with similar economies. That is a very high number. Like I stated before, many of the people that are usually affected by this are the people from lower socioeconomic status. They come from poor regions in the country, do not have the necessary means of going to the hospital and getting the treatment needed, or are mistreated due to their skin color or race. Another issue for women is that there is a very strict Catholic hold on the laws that they pass. One of the main ones I would like to talk about are the anti-aboration laws. The government is against having abortion, which causes problems for women because there might be circumstances were abortion is needed. These circumstance could be due to difficult, life-threntheing child birth or rape. A women could have been raped and become pregnant or giving birth could mean that she might not survive. These instances are still not deemed to have means of a legal abortion in Brazil. This causes many women to look for other illegal means of getting abortion. This is harmful to them because most of these practices are unsafe and are life threatening for them. Maternal health is an important topic to address because it is not were it should be in the 21st century. Making sure that women are able to be treated right and given proper treatment will help ensure that they are healthy. I believe that womans’ bodies are a gift from God. They are the only way that new life can be brought to this world. Having such an amazing ability to do that should make it right for the world to make sure that maternal health is of top priority.





Brazil: The Challenge of Maternal Healthcare

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