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Women from all over the world are not treated right. There are many instances were their health is undermined and not put as a priority. That is currently the case in the country I chose to do research on, which is Brazil. In my previous research, I found that women are more likely to die compared to their male counterparts. They also have difficulty with birth, with statistics showing that about fifty percent of women receive c-sections. C-sections are life-threnthing and have a lot of complications. If nearly fifty percent of women in one country are using that form of child birth, there must be something wrong with the health system. I learned that the health of a women is not that important, especially in Brazil. They do no talk about issues pertaining to women and their health. Many women are also causing problem for each other as well because they side with the men that are making absurd rules for women. One of the rules I want to use as an example are the anti-abortion laws that they have in Brazil. This law deems that it is against God’s wishes to kill a child and that women have to give birth no matter what risks or problems it could cause her. Many instances of abortion have to do with rape or times when a mother’s life is threatened  if she gives birth. Brazil is the largest country in Latin America. Many people go there to celebrate festivals and other celebrations there. In Brazil, many women of all skin color live there. However, if you are not white, you are not treated right. You are also not treated right is you are from a poor region and have a low socioeconomic status. That affects everyone, but women are treated considerably worse than men just due to the fact that they are women. There is high gender inequality in Brazil and it needs to be looked at. It is causing women to not have as many opportunities as they should, especially now in the 21st century. I have also seen through research that there are higher rates of violence against women in Brazil. Violence usually comes from the opposite gender and they are most likely to be killed compared to men.  In Brazil, it is known that if a women is killed by a men, the men do not get in as much trouble. Women do not get the justice that they need. Their bodies are also looked at as a form of sexual entertainment for the world. This shows by the big festivals that they have were women are paraded around in clothes that reveal a lot of skin. There is also a website were naked pictures of women have their breasts and private areas put up after the festival. People are supposed to guess who the body parts belong too. I personally feel that is a way of shaming women and trying to say that their bodies are just tools for entertainment. Another research I have done showed that many people, including women themselves, consider a women getting raped is her fault if she is wearing revealing clothes. The guy had the right to rape the women because the women was asking for it. This was what a high majority of the people in Brazil are thinking. This is just appealing to think that what someone wears gives cause to someone else to harm them. Seeing that women are also saying this is sad and shows that this kind of mindset is passed down to people. With that mindset, women do not value themselves and think that the treatment that they are getting is justified. I hope that with more of these issues becoming more publicly known, that people are starting to realize what is happening over there is not right. I know that we in the United States are also not perfect in this instance. We also look at women as second rate compared to men. But, I feel that if we all work together, we can make sure that there is a better world for women and that they are given better treatment. We need to make it our top priority to resolve these issues with health care and how women are treated in Brazil and everywhere else.

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  1. As I was reading this post, I found many points to be true for the US as well as interesting to learn about Brazil (I do not know much about Brazil). First, I want to say that 50 % of births being c-sections is astronomically high. Women should not have to be exposed to the dangers and complications of c-sections if not need be. Second, as I was reading the part where you talk about not being treated equally because of color and socioeconomic background, I thought of the US. This is defiantly true for us here. Equality is not given to all, but a majority to straight white males. My third point is that Brazil relates to the US in the fact that they exploit women’s bodies for sexual pleasure. There are plenty of porn websites and even Facebook pages that are used to exploit women for their sexual parts. I have personally seen these Facebook pages and I have also seen ones where women exploit themselves. That also disgust me because it makes me think its okay for them since us women do it to ourselves at times. As I was watching the firm “War on Women” from this week, it really took my breath away how men are so terrible to women and use them for such selfish reasons. When the one man said he had raped about 50 women I was like “What the hell?” Even though he said he knew it was wrong, it kind of sounded like he was bragging about it. What women face, not only in Brazil or the US but in any country for just simply being a women is disgusting! I agree with you in the fact that we need to do more to stand together and help the treatment of women, not only in the health care aspect, but also in the social aspect.

  2. Also kind of adding to the statements about violence against women, I was very surprised by some of the information we read this week on intimate partner violence. I think women are generally more suseptable to violence in realtionships and to know someone could do that stuff to people they love is unspeakable. Knowing that it happenss more in poor cities and areas where people are on the lower end of the socioeconomic scale is even worse because that is so many more people we have to protect and or educate.

  3. Hi Tapia,

    At first when I was reading your thought regarding women’s life in Brazil, I am so angry and sad at the same time for them. Based on the movie, War on Women, the men and soldiers that being interviewed answered that they had been raped a lot of women and it is like a must for them since the upper person like commander forced them too. All of the women have no right and live unpeacefully since every men eyes always on them and some of the women even have HIV or other diseases because of that (IRIN 2014). So, I believe that women’s right in Brazil are the same like in the movie, unfairly treated. However, I have questions played in my mind. What are the men responses and actions if their daughter or sister siblings being treated like a sex object like you mentioned? Or are they do the same thing to them without any hesitation? There is this one article last year in England, a 12-years old boy raped four years old sister while playing hide-and-seek (Nevett 2017). And I also have read many other news about father raped daughter or brother raped sister. This is so unacceptable and need to stop. The world is getting cruel and we have to raise the women’s right now.

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