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Option 1:  Caitlyn Jenner

Question: Using any combination of articles/videos listed above and below answer these questions: What visual cues do we use to determine someone’s race or gender? And, what has shaped your ideas of race and gender that inform how you perceive someone’s racial or gender identity?

There are many species in a living organism that can be divided into two or more species, called gender. Human beings mainly refer to the difference between men and women. However, the gender of a person can be divided into six different genders according to different perspectives. Gender can be divided into six different levels: genetic gender, chromosomal sex, gonadal sex, morphologic sex, psychological gender, and gender.

At the genetic level, the SRY gene is generally used as a sex-determining gene, that is, if it has the SRY gene, it develops into a boy, and if it does not have the SRY gene, it develops into a girl. At the chromosome level, humans have 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes, and sex-related chromosomes are called sex chromosomes, usually expressed as “X” and “Y”.

The karyotype of the sex chromosome of normal males is now: 46, XY; the karyotype of the sex chromosome of normal women is now: 46, XX. The sex of the gonad mainly refers to the composition of the baby’s gonad tissue. The boy’s gonad is the testicular tissue, and the girl’s gonad is the ovarian tissue. The sex of the external genitalia is the most familiar method of gender division, which is divided according to the shape of the external genitalia under direct vision. But when the external genital dysplasia, if you don’t pay attention, you may get the wrong gender. Psychological gender refers to the recognition of one’s own gender. This aspect is related to gene regulation, influenced by genetic factors, and on the other hand, related to family education and role identification. Gender refers to the identification of the gender in the living environment, including family members, friends, surrounding people, social institutions, and legal institutions. In general, the previous five levels of gender are difficult to change, but gender has certain changeability.

I basically didn’t pay attention to gender issues before, but after watching the video and interview, Caitlyn Jenner, when he talked about his confusion and distress about his gender for decades. I can understand a bit, but I can’t feel the same, how is this pain. So I searched a lot of information online and found that many people have sexual identity disorder. For most people, sexual identity and sexual roles are consistent. However, patients with sexual identity disorders experience extreme disharmony between their anatomical gender and sexual identity. Caitlyn Jenner also mentioned in the interview that he knew that he was a woman, but his physiology was male and heterosexual. When I first listened, I am very confused and can’t understand what he said. After searching, I found the phenomenon of transsexuality is widespread in all parts of the world. Both men and women can develop diseases. They can be found in different ethnic groups and occupations. The life experiences, cultural backgrounds and social conditions of the affected people are also different. There are basically two reasons, one is the internal reason, caused by biological factors or in a sense of DNA; the second is acquired education, life influence, mainly influenced by parents or guardians. Caitlyn Jenner obviously is the first one, because he said when he was very young, he noticed that he liked the dress of girls.

Think of what visual cues do I use to determine someone ’s gender, I think usually I distinguish between gender is directly from the person’s appearance. Simply, the appearance of the male’s face is sharp and angular, the line is straight, and the eyebrow arch is larger than the female’s prominent forehead. The eyelids are smaller than women, and the nasal bones and mandible are larger. The female’s face is soft and rounded, and the frontal nodules are more prominent than men. The eyelids are larger than the males, the nasal bones and the lower jaws are atrophied, and the entire head shape appears slightly smaller. But sometimes I will see some people who look neither like a woman nor a man on the street. But a person with a vague gender may have some characteristics of the opposite sex or a characteristic of a bias toward the opposite sex. If I can’t distinguish between men and women in appearance, I can also distinguish between sexes by looking at clothing.

What shaped my ideas of gender that inform how I perceive someone’s gender identity, I think the first is from family education and second is from social education. My family is traditional and actually, my parents never discuss this kind of gender issues with me. So I think my concept of gender is naturally formed. And with the increase of age, I have learned the knowledge of sex education according to the mainstream culture of the society and have many new views on gender issues. 

China’s (China) views on gender are very traditional, and the government is trying to suppress social problems such as distortion and homosexuality. Transgender people first originated from Chinese eunuchs. According to experts’ research, China has a “Temple Man” as early as the Shang Dynasty. There are related records in Oracle, and history is longer than the West. This is just the most primitive transgender. In China more than 30 years ago, such people would be treated as abnormal and neurotic. As the first transgender in China, Zhang Kesha was suffering from physical and psychological tortures decades ago. However, the current society is more tolerant than before, and no one will discriminate against transgender people. I personally think that it is better to treat these people without discriminating, but to treat them with tolerance and understanding, even you actually can’t understand.

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  1. When I first started reading your post I kept thinking that’s really surprising you had not been exposed to much information on the topic before. However, it became much clearer when I read the part at the end about your home culture and your family influence. Which was actually really insightful to understand and know that there are a lot of countries are similar to China when discussing the LGBT community. The science behind your research seems very thorough. Which leads me to ask you, do you think being transgender is a disorder? Like you stated that many people suffer from sexual identity disorder. If so, do you think being a gay is also a disorder? If No, do you think it should be referred to as sexual identity disorder or maybe reverse sexual identity. But, I also did my research on Caitlyn Jenner and she talks in the Apples and Oranges interview that it is a part of her, she looks at it as a very natural thing. Not a disorder.

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