Week 7 Activity Post

From a gender perspective, I find that women have many developmental advantages that are neglected by society than men, including women themselves who also neglect their future development. However, in social life, compared with male development, there are many social, conceptual, institutional, traditional, and even artificial obstacles in female development and the resulting constraints on female psychology. Learned from this course, I know that it is not easy for women to develop in society and I understand the importance of women’s health. Also, make me think about social issues I have never thought of before.

Women worldwide have lived longer, improved health and improved education, but women and girls continue to be victims of gender discrimination and violence, and there is still a huge gap in achieving gender equality worldwide. So what I enjoyed is to see classmates activity posts and blog posts, I can understand different country’s women develop and health issues.

In the future, to gain equality and liberation, women must enter the state power organs and participate in the policy of managers and leaders. This is the main channel for political participation – governance. Women’s political participation is a concrete manifestation of women’s social and political status and the degree of political democracy of the country and is a method for comprehensively improving the status of women. (Women’s participation in politics refers to the direct or indirect participation of women in political activities and social management activities of countries, communities, and units.) In this way, the educational level of women will gradually increase. Next, women’s employment scale expanded, their career structure improved, and women’s employment increased steadily. Women’s personal rights and rights in marriage and family are also protected by law. A good result may be an improvement in women’s health and quality of life.

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