Week 7 Activity Post

Through the course of this class, it has been nice to take a look at out final project through many different lenses. Like focusing on the social determinants of health, or how death is experienced in that culture. It allowed the class to understand more about the culture in question which helped in writing our final project project about our certain health issue. I enjoyed how the blog and activity posts were divided. It was nice sometimes having an assignment that allowed for a more personal opinion, while another assignment had you see how much you understood from the weeks readings. I think it important in any class to have a chance to respond to the work with how you personally feel about it. I also enjoyed learning more about rites of passages from women around the world and looking into birthing practices more in depth. I was surprised to see just how high of a cesarean rate the U.S. has compared to other places around the world.

In terms of any improvements for the course, the only thing I had trouble with early on in the class was understanding how to use the blog site, because I had never used it before. Miscategorizing the posts was easy to do at first, so the only thing I might change is just adding another clip or something the mentions exactly where to do that. That’s the only thing I might change regarding the structure of the class. Overall I had a good experience with ANP 270 this Summer and feel like I learned a lot from it.

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