Week 7 Activity Post

There were many things I really enjoyed about this class, first off, the topics were current and we had the freedom to choose something that was of interest to us. So often in classes like these, the instructor chooses a singular topic to focus on throughout the semester, so it was just extremely refreshing to not be tied down to something that I did not find interesting. I also really enjoyed having the freedom to read other classmates post and make comments.

I honestly learned so much in this class. I did not know that female circumcision or vaginal plastic surgery was a thing, and sometimes subjects like that can be seen as taboo so it was really cool to be able to openly write and learn about that. I also learned so much more about all the different (often subconscious) racial and gender biases that exist in our society today, even when people often act like we are past all of that. I also did not realize what an issue domestic abuse is in so many countries and how prevalent the issue is, even here in America.

I think it would have been really great to have had more of a group discussion surrounding blog posts. Because everyone was looking at similar topics for those, it would have been fun to have more engagement than just commenting on the posts and knowing that the person probably would not even see your comment. Maybe in the future having a page somehow where the class could have a group discussion on the topic and share their input and get a few points would have been fun. Also, maybe being more lenient with the late policy, where everyone can turn in one assignment a day or two late. Mostly just because this is a summer class and people are much busier. Personally I was traveling for over 4 weeks of the semester and it just becomes a lot harder to get things done on time so a little leeway would have been nice.

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