Week 7 Activity Post

Throughout my college career, I have learned many things about and related to the STEM field. This class has helped me to learn about the different cultures, perspectives, and anthropological concepts while connecting these topics to the material I have already learned through my science and math classes. From rites of passage in Native American culture to how cancer is commercialized in modern society, this class has shown me a wide range social issues that I had previously not known about. I have also learned how to quickly and effectively read through long sources in order to obtain the pertinent information for a short essay. Additionally, I have learned how to frame an argument around sources and find sources that are useful to my argument through google scholar.

I enjoyed the many different types of sources that were present, it was not just videos or scholarly articles but a good mix of the two along with newspaper and magazine articles. Moreover, I liked how the class covered a broad range of topics and the fact that we had freedom to pick a country and topic that interested us to write about, this makes it easy to write an essay about it if we are interested in what we are writing about.

In terms of what I could have done better, I could have elaborated more with my posts, there were a couple posts where my goal was to meet the minimum. I would like to work on making not only some but all of my posts goal oriented toward making a compelling argument and learning as much as I possibly could about the specific topic. In terms of the class, I would have liked for the prompts to be clearer and more concise, sometimes I would get confused about what they were asking and/or the specifics of the question.

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