Activity Post 7

Overall, this class thought me about what was happening around the world with women. It showed me the cultural, religion, and social values/standards people have on women. It helped open my eyes on the crisis that there is for this gender. There are different struggles for us, women, but no matter what every women is going through some sort of hardship in this world. There is a big inequality between men and women. Even though it is the 21st century, there are a lot of restrictions on women and their choices that should be changed.  The standards the world, and ourselves as well, hold women up to is not normal. We hold them up to such high standards, that many women feel that they need to change themselves to be good enough for the society now. Going into public health, I like reading about what health issues are going on in this world. One thing that was interesting to me was the latest readings from week six. I found that there are some things that would be seen harmful to girls, being practiced normally in different parts of he world. There are strong reasons behind it and some of those reasons made me pause and evaluate if our standards are always right and have to be followed by everyone else in the world.  In this class, I enjoyed reading other students feedback and seeing things from their perspective. I felt that helped make it more of a discussion between peers than just everyone just stating their opinions. What I wish could have been done better in this class is a more detailed way of explaining what was required and what needed to be done. I was confused more than half the time and it was hard to get a good grade, even though I thought I was following the rubric and hitting all the right points when I wrote my posts. However, I still enjoyed this class and would recommend my peers to take this class.

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