Langston Week 7 Activity Post

I would say I learned a lot about women in our culture. A lot about how us women are strong, powerful, influential figures in day to day life that are underestimated and looked down upon by men. I would say that I have learned a lot about women in the healthcare system as well as ways for us women to be safer and healthier. I feel  like a lot of things need to change in the world for women and we can start by gaining knowledge of the issues at hand and I think this class did a nice job educating us on them. As far as what I enjoyed about the class, I enjoyed listening to the detailed lectures as well as watching the various films. I was not so thrilled with the articles we had to read because I hate reading, and I was also not a fan of all the writing. I usually love to write and express my thought but not all the topics to write about were things I wanted to do that much writing on. I think having us pick a topic to write about for our final assignment was a good idea as well as having us do a lot of research each week within our chosen topic. I think going into the future maybe have the class a little more interactive within the online course and not so much writing. I personally did not enjoy all the writing so I can only assume that my fellow classmates did not either. I think maybe instead of writing for an assignment, the students go out and do something pertaining to the class such as talk to a professional or something and they could document their time doing that. I think that would be time better spent than writing only for the purpose of a grade. Also, I think its better to give partial credit than none at all. I mean there will always be those people who are slackers and they do not deserve the leniency, but the all or nothing seems a little harsh especially since each assignment is 15 pts. Overall, though, I did really enjoy the class and felt like I gained a bit of knowledge.

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