W7: Activity Post

There were many things that I enjoyed about this course. Initially, I took it to fulfill a requirement, but I can definitely say I have learned a lot from this course that will be beneficial in the future.

I was able to learn more about the struggles that women must go through. In week one, we learned about the five theoretical theories. We also reflected on our personal experiences dealing with the healthcare system here in the U.S. For the next week, we reviewed rituals and rites of passages that women go through in different cultures. It was interesting being able to study the country I choose for the project (India) and see the different rites of passages women (and men) must go through in their culture. Seeing how the various things women must go through in a number of different cultures was eye-opening. Seeing how intersectionality comes into play for some of these experiences was also interesting. Overall, I was able to learn and discuss with other classmates how gender interacts with different aspects of society. Overall, this course has allowed me to see what women must go through in our society, and the ways that different cultures respond to such issues.

I really like the setup of this course. Having a set schedule but also flexibility (if that makes sense?) made it enjoyable. We had blog post and activity post each week due at the same time which allowed for me to make a set schedule. The flexibility came in when we could choose our own material when doing our own research/writings for the week. Also reading others views on the topic was enjoyable. I liked being able to discuss the topics presented with others in the course. Overall, I liked how well the course was organized. In the future, I would recommend having more videos and less articles. I really enjoyed watching the videos and being able to see how the topics we discussed for the week intertwined with them. Also, I think having the country project as a final project instead of a weekly one would be beneficial. Overall, I really enjoyed the course and would definitely recommend others to take it!

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