W7 Activity Post

I personally really enjoyed this course, the direction of the course did most definitely take me by surprise because it was much more specific than I had originally thought. However, I did really enjoy it because I took CSUS 215 this past spring semester, it is an international development course where I studied Argentina for the whole semester and I was able to continue to do so this summer, so I have built myself a great little portfolio on Argentina. It was really interesting for me to be able to use my economic knowledge of the countries developing status and the corrupt government to understand and comprehend why the actions to help women are either not working or not happening. It was really shocking to learn that the systems and programs they have in place for women are actually very sustaining had it not been for the governmental issues. I was able to draw a strong conclusion and solution for Argentinean women.

I think that the way gender intersects with other models is really interesting. The reading we had were more than helpful when working through this course. We really did go into a lot of aspects or models that crosses over with gender – like health, culture, and the female body. Studying both historical perspectives like foot binding and then current issues like Serena Williams or Violence on women was very informative and helped me see the long standing problems and views. I personally really liked the five perspectives and more specifically the feminist perspective, I was not well educated on it previous to this course. I think studying a specific country really helps understand how culture, society, and money impact women, but I think it would have been interesting to do more comparison between other countries.

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