Week 7 Activity Post

There were many aspects of this course that I really liked. Initially, I was worried about all of the writing and that all we did was discussion posts, but it really grew on me and having to do several smaller posts instead of, for example, an essay every week helped me enjoy it more. It was also really helpful to be able to see other student’s posts and comment on them. Not only did I like the style and organization of the course, but the content as well. Before taking this course, I’m not even sure that I know what anthropology was, so learning about the five anthropological theories really helped me better grasp this study of human behavior, especially as it relates to women. Some of my favorite things we read about/watched were violence against women and the opinion that it should be reframed as a health issue, and also the topic of feminine beauty. I have to say that before doing the assignments and readings on feminine beauty and its culture values, I was one of the people who wrongly judged other culture’s practices like foot binding and genital cutting. This course allowed me to expand my knowledge to other perspectives and appreciate the importance of culture as it relates to women all over the world. One thing I might change about this course in the future would be that maybe the students should be prompted to think about which health issue and theoretical model they want to use in their final post a little earlier. This way they could start gathering ideas/thoughts and fully understand the final post requirements earlier than halfway through the class.

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