Week 7 Activity Post

First and foremost, I have to admit truly from the deepest of my heart that I really love this class. Even though sometimes the readings are too long and compact, but I learnt so many things about women, health and other people way of life in many different countries. There are many topics that attract my attention and made me eager to know more and did a depth research about those topics for my personal wide range of knowledge to be keep aside from sharing in the activity post and blog post. Plus, I enjoyed writing some information that I know and I hope that information will help other people too. I also enjoyed reading other people point of views because some of their writings are wiser and made me know more about new things happened around me. The biggest part is I learnt that women and health are very precious in all countries in the world. Even though some countries have low healthcare services, but still the culture medicine or old school medicine would help them in curing the disease. I learnt that different culture of different people has their own reasons why they are happening despite of we seeing them as a torture or unacceptable. What I think I could have done better in the future are to spend more time on the weekly readings so that I will be more understand about the readings because some of them are to abstract and need more time to interpret the meaning. Also, I hope that I could spend more time to investigate not only my own chosen country’s condition, but also other else country’s condition and what happen to them especially the less prominent country that I have never heard.

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