Week 7 Activity Post

This class has taught me a lot about the different aspects of culture that affect women and their health. I had the opportunity to learn more about a country that I’m very interested in, Ireland. I had the chance to learn about women and the different aspects of Irish culture that affect their lives there. Before taking this class, I was actually unaware that Ireland is spilt into two parts. Southern Ireland also calls the Republic of Ireland is independent from the United Kingdom since 1948, and Northern Ireland which is still controlled by the United Kingdom. This class taught me more about Ireland than just about the women that live there. I also learned how much rite of passages and rituals of transitions are important in a culture. I had completed so many rites of passage, however didn’t give them a second thought as being an important milestone in my life until I took this class. I really enjoyed the film we watched in week 6, “The Perfect Vagina,” it brought up points that I had not really considered when viewing plastic surgery as a whole. I feel as though I learned a lot of new and useful information in this class. I do not think this is a class that I will soon forget the material that I learned from it. That may be due to the fact that I am a woman and I want women to be empowered by our culture. This class gave me a lot of information to consider for the future and I really enjoyed reading everyone’s point of view in the class.

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