Week 7 Activity Post

I think my biggest take away from this class was all the ways it challenged me to check my ethnocentrism and cultural biases. Which is hard because our biases are ingrained into us by society from the time we are born. There were many times I thought throughout the course “I believe this is right, but WHY do I think this is inherently right?” Last week when we discussed female genital cutting was one of the biggest eye openers. I used to think that this was something horrible that happened to women in oppressive and sexist countries. But now I think this act is no different than male circumcision and we do the same thing here in the US with the “vagina-plasty” yet no one is up in arms about these procedures. I loved all the videos we were able to watch and talk about throughout the course and I felt all the documentary style ones were the most hard hitting. Another favorite section I had and wished we could have spent more time with was examining biomedicine in the United States in comparison to alternative medicine. I wish we could have spent a little more time digging into alternative medicine and its benefits to women. I would say the only challenging part of the course was learning to navigate word press at the beginning of the course. Overall, I really enjoyed the course, I felt I learned a lot, and would recommend this course  to my friends and anyone who plans on going into the healthcare field.


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