Week 7 Activity Post

This class really helped put a lot of the inequalities that I was already aware of into perspective. I think reading people’s stories and going through the blog posts really helped open my eyes on how different cultures and backgrounds impact someone’s perspective on a situation. I also learned that many traditions and rite of passages have a lot of grey area and that there is no right or wrong when approaching something considered taboo to another. There are so many perspectives and opinions behind each tradition and I learned that you have to really step back and consider what those individuals are going through and what it means to them. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to learn more about the disparities that women face all over the world. I have been planning to go into maternal and child health care and researching this first hand on a specific topic has been really helpful in understanding more about global issues. I also learned a lot about anthropology. I didn’t really know what anthropology was before taking this course, so this was a big eye opener. Learning about the five theories was also very beneficial and made diving into further assignments much easier. I think in the future it would be nice to have more initial direction on how to choose a country and health issue. It was kind of stressful to choose a country right during the first week without much direction and not being able to change it. I also think it would make more sense to make the weekly activity posts build into the final activity post. Instead of having something different each week, focusing on our health topic in a different way during the whole class would make working on the final project much easier.  

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