Week 7 – Activity Post

I think the biggest takeaway I will have from this class is understanding how to approach and view a situation, and to try to understand viewpoints that are much different from yours. I, as with I’m sure many others, aligned with the viewpoint that “Western” medicine was the best and dominant of all medical systems. I did acknowledge that there are definitely some areas for improvement, but within the first couple weeks of this class, I was able to pinpoint those areas and also see how other medical systems are successful.

I enjoyed reading other students’ posts, although I wish I would’ve made more time to read more of them regarding other countries and their respective health issues. I liked reading other’s opinions on a specific reading for that week and to see how they looked at things a little differently than I did. I currently work as a Paralegal, and I absolutely love doing research (as weird as that may sound), so conducting the research for my country and health issue of choice was enjoyable for me as well. I’ve done tons of research on FGM in a more broad sense, so it was nice to be able to focus on one country specifically.

Although I was already very aware of the practice of FGM as I’ve done research projects on it in numerous classes over the past year or so, I think it is crucial to learn about the cultural aspect of it. I think that an area of improvement for the class in the future might be to not completely leave out discussing types 2 and 3 of FGM. In lecture, it’s stated that type 1 is the most common, however, in a lot of the academic articles and personal accounts I’ve read, type 3 is very common as well. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and I wish everyone the best in the future. This was my LAST class for undergrad (yay)!

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