Week 7 Activity Post

I think the main thing I took away from the class is the way that we view and understand not just research, but also medicine. There are many different approaches that researchers can take, and multiple ways in which we can interpret our research. There is quite a bit of intersections within those approaches.

I also enjoyed that our focus on women allowed us to acknowledge and interpret how they are viewed within medicine. Women are treated as if they are less intelligent and aware than their male counterparts. The women that also enter into fields of medicine receive significantly less pay. Being able to see the statistics for this made it easier to recognize that women are treated very different and there needs to be more medical research regarding women.

I found it could be confusing to do different topic each week when we could have focused more on our actual project. I also would have appreciated having our class schedule for the next week open and available on Sunday mornings or on Friday nights when our activity and blogs were due. Weekends tend to be when I was available and able to really focus on doing work because I worked during the weekdays. By only having the weekdays to focus on my work, I always felt rushed.

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