Week 7 Activity Post

This class had a lot of information and I enjoyed learning about medicine, theories, women, and women’s roles and expectations in different parts of the world.

It was a plus that I’ve had an anthropology, epidemiology and bioethics class in the past; this course help build on prior knowledge  and I was able to show some of it through my writing. I enjoyed learning abut the 5 theories of anthropology. It seems like a filed that and accommodate many peoples interests (feminism, epidemiology, interpretive, medical, evolution). I especially liked the incorporation of epidemiology because I’ve heard the two fields are a bit combative. The Vanishing Oath really opened my eyes into the life of a physician and I appreciated getting information first hand gaining insight on the career that I could pass on. The debt is in average $176,000, for example. Medicine is not how it used to be, doctors are spending less and less time with their patients and patients are forgetting that doctors are human. The law, limiting patient contact to 80hrs a week, does not account for the amount of studying and paperwork.

I enjoyed learning about new things as well, like the midwifery and physician history. The idea of a feud between the different type doctors and midwives is crazy because they all had a common goal,  to heal. The dominant form of medicine is biomedicine, however, I believe society is trying to avoid pharmaceuticals and surgery by using the other forms of medicine.

Most of all I enjoyed the independent aspect of picking our own county to research and learn more about. Watching documentaries to get a visual of the land was part of my research and I loved it. I looked forward to which aspect of life in the country you wanted us to analyze next.

For the future, I think more feedback/communication would be nice.

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