Week 7 Activity Post

Overall, I enjoyed this class and the many different things we were able to discuss regarding women and health. I learned that there are even more struggles that women face than I realized. While I understood that on the surface it appears that women all over the world experience very similar struggles, they are very different and even more complex than I thought. In week one, I learned about a lot of theories that I have never heard of, besides the feminist theory. During week two, I learned that menstruation is looked at very differently in other parts of the world  than how it is looked at here. Not only that, but I also thought more about the lack of discussing periods as anything else besides the reason for why women are “moody and upset”. In week three, I gained more appreciation for the lengths that some women go through to deliver a healthy baby into this world and the different rituals that exist for both birth and death, especially in other parts of the world. Week four was probably one of the more difficult chapters to read but it helped me realize exactly how huge of a problem violence against women is. I was also somewhat surprised that in many other parts of the world, violence against women is often committed by people they know, similar to in the U.S. Week five gave me a chance to look more closely at socially constructed ideas like race and gender and really see how difficult it can be when trying to classify people into different groups, even though in general they should not be classified in this way. During week 6, I got the chance to learn about footbinding and female genital cutting, two practices which I knew virtually nothing about. In this final week, I learned more about breast cancer. I always thought that breast cancer was mostly based on genetics and I did not think much about the impacts of the environment. There is only one thing that I would consider a variation in the assignments.

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