Week 7 Activity Post

I really enjoyed this class and the content. Being a pre-med student, I knew culture and medicine could influence each other but I did not really realize the extent to which it did. It was especially interesting to see how many aspects of the health field are affected by cultural ideas, especially for women. I think it was interesting learning about all the anthropological theoretical perspectives, and realizing that only somewhat recently has Feminist Theory as an ideological perspective in medicine been considered even though women have been involved in medicine for a very long time. It was also interesting to look at how different cultures view women in very different ways in terms of medicine, bodies and duties. One of the most surprising things I think I learned was how birth and death has been extremely medicalized and what the impacts are on our culture and our way of life and how we see those two events. I also found it interesting to discuss the ways in which discussing violence against women as a health issue might help survivors in dealing with issues like PTSD. One aspect about the class that I really enjoyed was having a country and a health topic associated with that country to research. I thought that the weeks in which we could relate what we learned back to our country were especially cool because we were able to make very relevant connections to exactly what we were interested in. In the future it might be better to have two posts a week but make one about your country and another a more general post. This would be helpful so we could start thinking about country and the health topic a little earlier and exactly what we should write about for the final post.

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