Week 7 Activity Post

ANP 270 was a pleasant surprise as my last elective course to take for my major. I really enjoyed taking this course for the past month, because the material was very interesting, and I loved the structure of the course. I’ve learned about the vast amount of perspectives on women’s health issues and how each culture has a different take on a situation. I learned that often there is no “right” or “wrong,” but more so different. There are definitely “better” ways to go about women’s health in terms of advances in technology that help prevent diseases, but cultural differences should be respected and seen as another way to get to the same goal. I enjoyed writing my heart out every week on topics I have a passion for and being able to read what other classmates wrote. It was interesting to read about people different perspectives on each issue and having the opportunity to provide a counter-argument in a healthy setting. I appreciated the amount of material in the class and how there were many opportunities to learn more than the required readings. The class provided me with materials I would never come across by myself and I was thankful for a course that really stretched what I knew about the world, and even myself. In the future I think there could be a little more direction on how to choose a country to focus on. I felt it was a gamble of sorts to choose a country and hope that you can find enough information about it throughout the semester. Overall, I felt that the course allowed each student to share their personal opinions while providing enough structure to stimulate a healthy learning environment. I would definitely recommend this class to others!

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