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Breast cancer has the highest number of cancer diagnosis to women today. It has such a high risk factor, that I would even consider this an epidemic. Due to one in eight women having a chance of getting breast cancer, it is something that if highly funded to help people with that disease. (National Breast Cancer Foundation, INC. 2016)There are different forms of trying to help with breast cancer.  One form is the mainstream breast cancer culture and the other form is the eco-femisinsit view.  The mainstream cancer culture has to do with the big fundraising that go on for breast cancer, like the pink ribbons, pink t-shirts, or any other item being colored pink to show support. You might think, now what is wrong with trying to raise money for beast cancer? While, the truth is the companies that are trying to promote funding for breast cancer are not always giving all the money to the disease itself. They are using breast cancer more like a brand that can make money for them over a disease that is killing millions of people every year. In the article, Breast Cancer Gets the Hard shell, the author talks about how there is so much money being put into this cause, but for some reason, the survival rate has still remained the same, which is very low. That might be due to how the money is being used. There is not enough of the funding going to research for breast cancer, but somehow there is a lot to make “products” for breast cancer. (The Lancet 1997) That is how eco-feminist views differ from mainstream breast cancer culture. Eco-feminist believe that instead of putting the money into the products for supporting breast cancer, the money that goes in it should be used for better purposes, like research. With research, the reason behind why breast cancer even develops can be found. Knowing something like that will help prevent women from doing what is causing this diseases and ultimately help to lessen the chance of women getting this cancer. (Ley 2009) Both mainstream breast cancer culture and the eco-fenisinst are still trying to support this cancer and help the people that have it. They want it to end or at least be less frequent in people. The way they go about trying to resolve this issue is just different. One of them, the mainstream breast cancer culture, has a lot of fundings and they help to treat the people that have been diagnosed with this cancer. However, they treat this disease like a brand and are usually profiting more from it than the cancer itself. The other, eco-feminist, are trying to figure out the ways this cancer even starts and prevent this from even occurring. However, they do not have enough funding to do all the research that they need to discover the causes. I believe that if both of these methods worked together, they would be able to resolve this breast cancer epidemic in women. Their strengths and weaknesses can help build each other. With that, they would have enough funding and support to go through with life changing research to cure and prevent breast cancer.


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  1. Hi Tapia!

    Great post! I was definitely surprised to read about how even though there has been so many millions of dollars put into breast cancer research, the survival rate has stayed the same. People buy so many pink products in order to donate to this cause, I wonder if this information was more publicly talked about, would people keep donating to the cause? Now that I have seen all of the information that was presented this week, such as in the film “Pink Ribbons” by Lea Pool where experts discuss how the breast cancer cause needs to align with businesses and therefore give up some of their stances, I do not feel very good about buying items with pink ribbons on it or that are marketed to donating to breast cancer research. However, there are also causes that seek to try to raise awareness for breast cancer in others ways. I found a website for an organization called Think Before You Pink that discusses the need for accountability and transparency from companies that promote breast cancer fundraising. I think through more awareness about causes like this, people might begin to be a little bit more critical of companies and corporations that claim they are making positive impacts by “being pink”.

    “About Us.” Think Before You Pink, http://www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org/.

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