Honors Option

If you would like to pursue an honors option for this course, please email me to let me know as soon as you know you are interested. In addition, you must email me with your proposed paper topic and receive my approval for your topic by no later than Sunday, July 29 (the end of Week 4). Your honors option project is due on the last day of class, Thursday, August 16, by 5 PM.  There will be no exceptions to these deadlines.

For your final project, you will be choosing one of the five theoretical models discussed in Week One to critically examine a gendered health issue in the country you have chosen to research over the course of this semester.

If you choose to do an honors option, you will get the chance to explore a gendered health issue in your home country using a different theoretical model. It can be the country where you live (for most of you, the United States), the country where you grew up/were born, or a country to which you have personal/familial/cultural ties—as long as it is different from the country you chose to research for your final project. You may choose the same health issue you explored in your final blog post or choose a different health issue, but you must use a different theoretical model from the one you employ in your final project. You will identify and critically examine at least one cultural, political, or economic determinant of your chosen health topic in the context of your home country.

Grading Rubric for the Honors Option Blog Post

Your essay must include these items to receive credit:

  • Your post must be at least 2000 words
  • Your post must contain an introduction paragraph that clearly identifiesa) the health topic you wish to discuss, b) the social, political, economic, or cultural determinant/s that influence your health topic, and c) the anthropological theory that you will be using
  • Your post must have a conclusion paragraph that reflects on what you learned
  • You must use at least four sources to support your discussion of your health topic and three sources to support your discussion of your chosen anthropological theory (seven sources in total). Your sources must be reputable academic sources
  • You must cite your sources in the body of your post using the author’s name and date, such as: The author argues x (Smith 2016).
  • At the end of your post, you must list all the sources you used in the following format: Author Last Name, First Name. (Date of publication). Title of source. Pages. Website if applicable.
  • You must use the anthropological theory you select to explain, from an anthropological perspective, the causes of or solutions to the health issue you are studying