Detroit’s Finest

Hello class, my name is Najah. I am a graduating senior who will have my degree completed by the end of this summer term. I am studying Psychology and I am taking this course to fulfill a requirement for my degree. I am from Detroit, Michigan which is where I currently reside. Two years ago, I was hired full time as a police officer for the city of Detroit. One requirement before joining the police department as “Detroit’s Finest,” is that I had to complete the police academy which was about a seven month program. Due to this required training, I was unable to continue my study as Michigan State University. Now that I have completed my probationary period, I am now able to finish where I left off in my academic career. Before this class, I also took an introductory course in anthropology. Being a police officer on patrol, I encounter many people from various cultures and backgrounds every day. I look forward to taking this course to help strengthen my knowledge on different cultures so that I can positively interact with people outside of my own culture norm.

Below is a picture of me in my scout car working on patrol trying to make it through the day with this same smile on my face after I finish a very hot eight hour shift.

A normal 8 hour day working patrol on Detroit's Eastside


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